Not on your life, Boy Wonder
“One rage every three months is permitted. Try not to hurt anyone who doesn't deserve it.” ― Ron Swanson


The tragedy of Macbeth

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U.S. Democrats plan to give Israel an addition $225 million for military spending. The same bill also cuts $1 billion of emergency funds meant to deal with the 50,000 undocumented child migrants held in crowded and unsanitary border facilities.

Israel already received $504 million for the joint U.S.-Israel Missle Defense Program for the Fiscal Year of 2014. That is not including the $3.1 Billion the Obama Administration spent on Foreign Military Financing (FMF) for Israel for the Fiscal Year 2014.

The U.S. funds genocide, plain & simple.

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Lupita Nyong’o presenting the Womenswear Designer of the Year award at the 2014 CFDA Awards [x]

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you know how you get great ideas in the shower well okay wait for it

iron man au where tony is killed by the ten rings

1. so it’s actually from pepper’s pov after the opening scene, very corporate espionage, just - obadiah stane is taking over the company, and something’s wrong but she doesnt know what and tony wouldnt have wanted this (not that tony exactly knew what he wanted, but) and rhodey keeps calling about weird stuff going on in the middle east, about insurgents with stark weaponry, and that reporter everhart is hanging out all the time and something’s very very wrong here

this guy from some government agency shows up?? and wants to ask questions but before he can everhart is shoving pictures into her hands and demanding answers dont lie to me ms potts stark was never the one running this company and when she talks to stane he invites her to the arc reactor-thing to talk about where he’s taking the company only pepper didnt get this far by being completely gullible

so she takes that government guy and calls everhart to tell her that a news helicopter might be interested in checking out stark industries tonight

it’s a good thing she does and it’s a good thing rhodey figured out what exactly stane was up to - even though the iron monger barely functioned for ten minutes, it was long enough to take out the government guy (coulman or something) and his backup, long enough for pepper to get thrown off the roof, long enough for rhodey to drive there and figure out how to blow the reactor

the movie ends with pepper staring down christine in that fucking press release and saying, the truth is

2. the next movie opens with ivan vanko, building a miniaturized arc reactor from a box of scraps, with pepper potts ceo of stark industries meeting with dozens of top engineers and scientists and military officials, with rhodey testing out some hammer tech, with a woman named natalie rushman

vanko shows up, and he’s still angry but he isnt nearly as vengeful, claiming that it’s because of his father that stark industries even exists and pepper grabs onto this because here’s a guy that can build up what tony started, what she had to break down, here’s the guy theyve been looking for

and then vanko creates suit after suit after suit, one he calls whiplash and war machine and iron man, and stark industries is fucking going

until rhodey’s on a test run of war machine and somehow hammer hacks the suit, takes out half a military base but gets his hands on whiplash (killing vanko in the process), hijacks the stark expo, and pepper and natalie and christine are standing there watching drones take out the glass - natalie whips out her catsuit, pulls pepper out of the line of fire, introduces herself as natasha romanoff, black widow, agent of shield

christine is yelling for her cameraman

and pepper sees the last remaining suit, the iron man, and thinks, well.

(at the end of the fight, still in her suit, rhodey at her side, natasha lurking in the shadows behind her, pepper looks into the camera and tells the world that stark industries will remain a defense contractor for the us military, but their focus will shift to sources of sustainable energy, to creating de-weaponized iron man suits for national protection

it’s the newspapers that give her the name rescue)

3. ive only seen im3 one time and that was one time more than i ever wanted, so idk really what the plot of this would be

except that obvs pepper-as-rescue and rhodey-as-war-machine are both kind of hanging out with shield, are both members of the avengers and were in the movie (pepper gets the nuke scene), and pepper is dealing with a lot of ptsd but she gets therapy and deals with it like a fucking wealthy competent adult

without vanko, stark industries is kind of flailing - like, they still have top-notch scientists (including bruce banner and betty ross now), but none of them are tony

so when pepper tracks down this dr. maya hansen who has revolutionary ideas she’s like great! and then oops turns out she’s evil

then the president gets kidnapped i think?? and pepper gets extremisified, but maya has a change of heart after seeing her science so abused and manages to stabilize the extremis so pepper doesnt explode, and the mandarin bullshit never happens so rhodey just saves the president and pepper kills that evil asshat with bad teeth (killian something ?)

it ends with pepper all suped-up and theres some maya/pepper

the after-credit scene introduces a colonel danvers 

#tony stark hate blog 2k14 #also theres some rhodey/vanko (that ship just occured to me and i suddenly like it??) #and this takes place in the au where aos follows deputy-director hill and agents melinda may and jessica drew #with skye and fitzsimmons and not-actually-hydra!sitwell as supporting characters

hamamael look looook loooooook

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"steve is strangely sympathetic"

"These all just sound like excuses to me," Bucky slurred from his bedroll, Steve trying and failing to cover his ears with his pillow and pretend to be sleeping. "If I had science abs, I’d be… sex. All the sex. I would never even bother putting on pants."

"I don’t want to talk about it, Bucky," Steve said, muffled by his pillow. "Go to bed. You’re drunk.”

"Wait - wait - wait. Wait. Wait. Is your…? Did the serum make the rest of you bigger, but your-?”

What?” Steve practically screeched, pulling the pillow from his face to stare at Bucky aghast. “That is not the issue here. Do not - if you start telling people that’s what happened, Bucky, I swear to God-“

"If you don’t tell me the real reason you’ve become celibate, that is definitely what I’m going to start telling people.”


"I’m telling Peggy first."

I have super strength,” Steve blurted finally, falling back onto his sleeping bag with his pillow over his face again. “There’s a lot of room for accidents,” he muttered.

"… you’re worried you’re going to shatter someone’s pelvis."

"Bucky, if you tell anyone about this-“

"Honestly, as ways of getting out of the war go, ‘Captain America broke me with his dick’ is probably one of the better ones."


"I mean, it’d be survivable. Bombs aren’t. Just imagine, Peggy’s this regal old lady in a wheelchair, asking the grandkids to gather ‘round and come hear the story of how Captain America-"

The other Howling Commandos never did find out why Steve was trying to smother his best friend with a pillow in the middle of the night.

She’s mine. Find him.

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i’m not crying it’s just been raining on my face

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get to know me meme → favorite celebrities (1/10) → hayley atwell

There’s this quote that I love, which is that the aim is to be independent of the good and bad opinions of other people. And to be free from people who say you’re great and people who say you’re shit is a really happy medium, there’s a good balance there.

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When Bucky said “I’m with you till the end of line to Steve and When Bucky heard Steve say "Cause I’m with you till the end of line

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I’m Blaming This On All The Wonderful Philly Con Stories


Inevitably the full story of the Winter Soldier gets leaked out to the public.  Between Natasha’s massive info dump on the Internet and the resulting movement to prevent it from being deleted again by any “Powers that Be,” everyone learned the full, horrible truth of what was done to Captain America’s best friend, the only man amongst the Howling Commandos to give his life in service for his country. 

#SaveBuckyBarnes started trending.  It was painfully clear that despite the fact he was the visible face of HYDRA during the Triskelion Incident, he wasn’t in full control of his actions.  When news reports surfaced that he was reunited with Steve Rogers and currently undergoing treatment, the hashtag changed to #ProtectBuckyBarnes. 

And much, much later, when Sergeant Barnes showed up fighting alongside the Avengers and again saving New York in the process, everyone (especially the folks in Brooklyn, who became very protective of its two favorite sons) was glad to celebrate him as a hero again.

Of course, the only one who didn’t share that opinion was Bucky Barnes himself.

Bucky’s used to seeing Steve get recognized in public.  There’s always someone with stars in their eyes, shyly asking if they could get Captain America’s autograph or a selfie.  Steve’s happy to do it, always takes the time to chat for a little bit or solemnly agree that a little girl could be Captain America when she grew up or sign a toy shield.  That’s typical Steve. 

What Bucky didn’t expect was this little girl, coming up to him while he was sitting alone at a Starbucks waiting for Steve to show up, and solemnly ask him if he was “all better now.” Bucky’s not sure how old the kid is, although she wasn’t bigger than a minute.  And truth was, he wasn’t magically all cured because things don’t work that way, but he was taking things step by step. 

Still, he gives the question its due attention and solemnly assures the little girl that he was okay.  She considers this and answers:  “I know you probably feel sad that you hurt Captain America.  But it wasn’t your fault.  The bad people made you do it.   You’re not going to hurt him anymore, are you?”

That made his heart hurt with all too recent memories.  But right there with those memories was Steve, whose forgiveness was unquestioned.  And between the bad moments was Steve, with his bedhead and morning kisses and evening kisses and quiet hugs and soothing touches when it got bad. 

So he could look at this little lady straight in the eyes and assure her that “No, ma’am.  Steve and I are friends again.”

She beams at him and toddles back to her very embarrassed parents who give him a sheepish wave.  He waves back.   

It doesn’t stop there, actually.

This time, Bucky’s in a mall and he’s lost track of Steve and really, they were just there to buy a couple of shirts and a new pair of jeans and Steve wanted a book.  How the hell were they supposed to know it was a mall-wide sale today?  So, quietly thankful for the invention of cellphones, Bucky’s about to pull his out of his pocket when he gets a tug at his jeans. 

"Did you lose Captain America again, Sergeant Barnes?"

This time, it’s a little boy with a Captain America hoodie.  Bucky stifles a grin.  “Actually, kid, I think he lost me."  

The kid puffs up.  “I’ll save you, then!”

And wouldn’t you know it, the kid leads him over to where Steve is, who’s already got his phone out to call Bucky.  Steve solemnly thanks mini-Cap, who’s actually lost himself but decided to help Sergeant Barnes first.  The two super-soldiers make it their mission to find mini-Cap’s parents and eventually get him to his very relieved mother. 

Bucky still has trouble believing that he’s worthy of being anyone’s hero.  But between Steve and kids like that little girl and boy, to say nothing of Brooklyn apparently unleashing epic rage on anyone bashing him or Steve, he can believe a little bit more.  One day at a time.  

- end -

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favorite romantic relationships (1/?)
- rose tyler and the doctor (doctor who)

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